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2016 Tram Party
MOB Tram Party 23rd July 2016
On 23rd July the Munich Old Boys (MOB) held another one of their legendary Tram Parties to have a good old get together and to raise money for supporting the great game of Rugby in Bavaria. An MVG Tram was loaded with beer, wine, a few snacks, some rocking party music and a public that was more than ready for having a good time. Here is an overview of the evening.
Following the tragic events of the night before, where a shooting incident caused not only the complete disruption of a city, but shook the foundations of its people, it was not clear whether the party could or even should go ahead. The MOB committee reviewed the situation and unanimously voted for a show of strength and determination in continuing with the planned party, and that the tragic events of the previous night and those affected should be remembered with a minute’s silence – something that was impeccably observed
The Tram Party began at the MVG Einsteinstraße depot where the tram was loaded with all of the goodies that would be needed for the night’s entertainment before heading onto Max-Weber-Platz for the final element to make the tram party a success – the willing and able (if not a bit damp) guests.
First drinks were on the house (or at least part of the entrance ticket) and once everyone had a full drink in their hand, the slight downpour prior to loading was forgotten and everyone was soon in high spirits.
Everyone soon found their “Sea Legs” as the tram wandered its way through Munich rocking from left to right and the occasional stop. The more the drinks flowed, the more the party flowed, helped in no uncertain terms to the great music being provided.
At the first break it soon became clear that we had had real fortune in picking our driver, Andi, who was not only friendly and helpful, but got into the spirit of the evening and what we were all about. It was also noticeable that the members of the MOB had a real sense of satisfaction and pride that despite all of the challenges, we had got this party going, and that it was going to be a success.
More driving, more stops, and as the sun started to set…. there was only 1 thing for it – HAPPY HOUR! Drink and food prices were slashed and the party reacted with crates being bought and shared between complete strangers. The atmosphere was one of fun and laughter and real friendship.
The last long stop meant that we could all enjoy a bit of fresh air, and gave us an opportunity for a photo in front of the tram. Then there was the small matter of the press-up challenge whereby “Volunteers” were encouraged to join in in completing 22 press-ups. The reasons were unclear, but the action provided us with the most memorable pictures of the evening.
And then it was back onto the tram for the short ride home, back to base. But not before we had the Wine Challenge where your glass was topped up for free, and if you didn’t have a glass – well you just tipped back your head for a mouthful. Once back on Max-Weber-Platz it was time to say farewell to new friends made and old acquaintances renewed.
Bearing in mind the success of this party, there will no doubt be another MOB party again soon just around the corner and if it’s going to be anything like this one – you won’t want to miss out.
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